Saturday, October 27, 2012

Italy! On our way

Well, they have changed things up here at blogger.  I sure hope this works like I think it will.  I hope that this is separate from the card postings.  It is Nov. 4. We will pick up Lindy (who is coming down with a cold) at 6 am for our 8:40 am flight to Philadelphia and then on to    ROME   !!!!!  I have been packing all week but I am not over packed as we are using carry on bags to eliminate that chance of lost bags.  Carly is so excited she can hardly stand it. I hope she is excited to see us and not just for the sharp cheddar cheese that we are bringing her!!! Which brings me to a worry about the cheese making it through customs!!!! Of course there is candy and Ranch Salad dressing packets too!! She would love to have a rack of Dr. Pepper but that would just be silly!  Wish us luck!  We have added all of Rick Steve's audio tours to our iPods and we have his maps.  I am just giddy...................

We made it thru The ticketing process which involves a a kiosk and your passport. The TSA went smoothly and I was forgiven my lack of sophistication in knowing what to remove and just how to fit it in the bins. We are about to board.

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