Saturday, October 27, 2012

Roma, Italia Day V November 10, 2011

Shoot! I still have a fever and I can tell! I saw my surgeon for the second time and he told me my appendix was very bad, hence the infection. He asked me how I was enjoying Roma! What a kidder! I looked out the window at the aging building and laughed!
I am allowed to eat (only hospital food) but I am not having any luck with digestion. The food is terrible. The soup is watery brown with tiny pastas (can't eat it). Tried two bites of zucchini and two of tomatoes but that did not work. I am guessing that I won't be released until I am eating so I may have to figure out something to tell the Drs. I had my second Ultra sound today and it looked mostly good!
The girls brought me my iPad. Molly downloaded some new games to help keep me entertained. I am leaving tomorrow - I am determined.

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