Saturday, October 27, 2012

Roma, Italia Day III November 8, 2011

I am a little more awake today. The girls brought me some clothes. It has been quite warm so a t shirt was enough. Then there are all those tubes to deal with! No nurse or aid was there to help me figure out how to deal with all of this. The young Drs. said I need to walk to help with the distension. This would never happen in the US for fear of falling. Picture this, I have two bags to carry in one hand while pushing an IV pole with 5 wheels that don't all roll in the same direction. It really wants to spin and I am not strong enough to stop it so I pause and twirl the pole and the IV lines back around. A tripping hazard for sure. I take several walks that first day. I am motivated to leave. My window bed looks out on the ambulance bay! So noisy all night long! The sound of an Italian ambulance jangles my nerves.
My roommates are nice and help me with the language. Amar had some abdominal surgery. Her husband met the girls in the waiting room and offered to help with the language. He is a video editor and she is a chef for her brother the diplomat. Monika is beautiful and had a some serious issues. But I have no idea what they were. She had a lovely family that brought her food. She did not eat the hospital food (she has obviously been here before!).

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