Saturday, October 27, 2012

Roma, Italia Day VI Friday November 11, 2011

I was awakened by the nurse for a temperature check and I had a little celebration 36.8C (37 is normal)! I said no fever and she had to check the thermometer again! I kept the window wide open until the Docs got here just to stay cool. So today I was ready! The Drs. came in and of course I had no pain (ugh! that called for extra probing)! And yes I am eating and passing gas (fingers crossed)! Then they said the magic words, you can leave! The Dr. took my drain out and said it would heal with no sutures, changed my dressings and said that I needed to follow-up to have my sutures out. I needed to take Nexium and Augmentin that the nurse would give me.

A nurse came in and removed the catheter and unhooked me from the IV but did not remove the device from my hand. She started to fill out papers and I asked to use a phone to call my daughters to come get me. Then she asked for my passport and a credit card and she became agitated when I said that I needed to call them again to bring these things. So I waited until visiting hours and the girls came with clothes and my passport. The nurse that was checking me out apparently went off shift. So my buddy Carlos helped me find the papers and remove the IV thing from my hand and we were off!
I am amazed to be outside! So many sites and sounds! I am pretty dizzy but I have 3 strong girls to lean on! I am happy to be at the Hotel Fellini! The girls go out for dinner and bring me some soup from the owner of the Albert Inn (a Scottish/English Pub). Still can't eat. The doc told me not to take Immodium but the probiotic doesn't seem to be helping and I can't just stay in the hotel for the last week of our vacation!

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