Saturday, October 27, 2012

Roma, Italia Day IV November 9, 2011

I still have a fever so I am not able to leave the hospital yet but I must be feeling better because I am bored!
The major differences between American Hospitals and Italian hospitals
1. They only clean the floors and surfaces of tables. The walls were dripping with stains.
2. No gowns
3. Very rarely change linens
4. Offer no bodily cleaning nor products for someone to clean themselves, no shower for the six
days I was there.
5. Gloves are worn only while changing dressings not when changing IVs
6. I never saw anyone with a mask.
7. I had to empty my own catheter bag.
8. There was one bathroom for about 30 patients and never was cleaned. And almost impossible to
get an IV pole into. The women's bathroom did not smell as bad as the men's.
9. No TV
10. There was a sink in our room but no one used it. The sign said that it was not potable so
don't drink it!

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